His wife is ill. He’s a doctor. Isn’t he supposed to know what to do? – Washington Post

Two weeks after my wife has a hysterectomy, she begins experiencing fevers that rise and spike each evening: 99.2, then 100.7, then 101.5. I am an infectious-disease doctor and a consultant for Medicare. And I am puzzled and a bit frightened.

“What do we do?” asks my wife — also a physician. She is lying on the sofa, covered with a blanket, color drained from her face, a drop of sweat rolling down her neck. It is Friday night. “Do we call the surgeon, go to the emergency room or wait until Monday?” Shouldn’t I know what to do?

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Rising Insurance Premiums and the Future Costs to Health Care – Huffington Post


Recently, health insurance companies across the nation have petitioned to increase premium rates for customers covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In North Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) has proposed a 25.7 percent raise in … [Continue reading]

A Doctor’s Experience in the Nepal Earthquake – Huffington Post

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Meditation a useful technique for achieving mindfulness – Commercial Appeal

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What’s in an itch? – Commercial Appeal

What’s in an itch? Walking out of a patient’s room, I develop an itch. An itch around my neck, on my forehead, and in the middle of my back. I cannot help but scratch and feel some relief. My patient, a thin woman in her 50s, who works in a day … [Continue reading]

A Snow Day Reflection – Huffington Post

This week, I was going to write my usual health column, but then I decided to take a "snow day." Yet, soon, I realized that the snow and ice we have experienced was not hindering the path from my bedroom to the computer room, nor was the snow … [Continue reading]

Sometimes deep-seated beliefs impervious to contrary evidence – Commercial Appeal

Last week, when my beloved New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, barely any friends shared my joy. Even my wife, a New York Giants fan, retorted with “The Patriots are a bunch of cheaters,” referring not so subtly to the deflated football … [Continue reading]

Healthy Memphis: Huddle isn’t just for football – Commercial Appeal

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New England Patriots Had a Safer Option in the Last Seconds of Playoff Game – Huffington Post

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Healthy Memphis: Taking stairs means giant step toward better living – Commercial Appeal

On the first of the year, while making my rounds at the hospital, I did something I hope to continue: I took the stairs. My action was prompted by something that had happened a few days earlier. I had “sticker shock” when I stepped on my bathroom … [Continue reading]