Letters – Menstrual Shame and Superstitions in India – The New York Times

“The Taboo of Menstruation,” by Rose George (Op-Ed, Dec. 29), sheds a welcome light on the unfortunate effects of menstrual superstitions and ignorance in parts of India. Unfortunately, similar taboos with similar debilitating outcomes exist in other regions saddled with the kinds of anti-women prejudices from which such practices are derived. And lest those of […]

LETTERS : In Search of Political Champions for the Poor – New York Times

To the Editor: Re “Cutting the Deficit, With Compassion” (Economic View, Sept. 9), in which Christina R. Romer suggested reducing the federal budgetdeficit “in a way that does as little harm as possible to people, jobs and economic opportunity.” Sadly in this election year, political speeches haven’t put much emphasis on compassion and the poor. The Republicans are […]

LETTERS TO THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE Following the Jain Tradition – New York Times

Regarding Aidan Foster-Carter’s “To Catch a Roach” (Meanwhile, Sept. 27): Last Saturday night, coming home from a party, we found a roach, a spider and an ant in our kitchen. Gently, I got the roach to climb on to the bristle part of the broom; my wife captured the spider in a cup, and our […]

LETTERS : An Insidious Infection in Indiana – Newyork Times

To the Editor : “Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health,” by Nicholas D. Kristof (column, March 12), addresses a topic of paramount importance, the epidemic of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in our community. Mr. Kristof draws an association between the occurrence of community-acquired MRSA in a farm town in northwestern Indiana to the death of […]

The Germs Are Potent. But So Is a Kiss. Newyork Times

Published: August 05, 2008 “I have been waiting to see you, and I want answers now,” my patient said angrily as I entered her hospital room. Like a silent guard, her husband stood three feet from her, costumed in olive-green gloves and a bright yellow paper gown. Read More 

Essay : Putting Pay on the Line to Improve Health Care – Newyork Times

Published: September 04, 2007 Every quarter I get together with my partners to review the performance of our medical practice. Like a manager of a car dealership, I bring out the numbers. I show them how many patients we saw in the previous months, what we billed, how much we collected. Yet too often we […]

Recognizing a Sacred Bond Sometimes Obscured – Newyork Times

Published: January 23, 2007 I carry the card in the glove compartment of my car. It is not a Valentine’s card from my wife, or a graduation card from my mother. It is a simple greeting card, with a cheerful watercolor of wildflowers, sent to me by a patient I cared for after moving to […]