Some numbers to count on – Times of India

Published: September 14, 2008 Often at a family gathering or a social event the conversation moves to the issue of “how to live longer?” And I respond in no uncertain terms. “The elixir of long life is pretty simple — exercise, eat well, avoid stress, stop smoking and take preventive medication.” Read More 

Praying with the patients – Times of India

Published: June 22, 2008 Iam a doctor of Indian origin working in Memphis Tennessee, which is often referred to as the buckle of the Bible belt. My patient is an elderly man with end-stage congestive heart failure, kidney failure and now an infected dialysis line, and he is unlikely to live more than six months. […]

Heavy drinkers, smokers face Alzheimer’s risk – Times of India

Published: May 11, 2008 Occasionally forgetting where you left your car or scooter keys or being unable to recall the name of a distant acquaintance are normal memory lapses. However, frequent spells of forgetting names and places or repeating stories, phrases and questions in the same conversation along with confusion and irritability could be early […]

Musical way to recover from illness – Times of India

Published: April 30, 2008 Does music affect living beings? And more relevant to doctors and patients, does music help recover from an illness? A series of experiments on animals has shown that a stimulating and an enriching environment can significantly enhance recovery from a stroke. However, until now little data were available on humans. Read More

Food colour making children hyper – Times of India

Published: April 06, 2008 Nearly every kid’s food is “decorated” or “tainted” with artificial food color and additives. While they make food look pretty, there may be a downside. Can our children’s daily consumption of juices, candy, and soft drinks with these additives be fuelling disruptive behaviour, restlessness and lack of concentration? Read More

Five easy steps to living long and well – Times of India

Published: March 16, 2008 Reaching the age of 90 and being in good health may be easier than we think, according to a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. It’s well known that our genetic makeup influences our life span, but until now it was unclear what modifiable behavioural factors such as diet […]

The biochemistry of Sudarshan Kriya – Times of India

Published: February 24, 2008 “If we reduce the number of oxygen radicals, we improve the antioxidant status in our body and live longer” Manoj Jain Ever wonder what causes us to age resulting in death of our body cells over the years, develop heart disease leading to plaque in the artery, or suffer from cancer […]

An aspirin a week… – Times of India

Published: January 27, 2008 Imagine a drug which can reduce pain and fever, spare the muscles of the oxygen-starved heart, prevent strokes, and save 110,000 lives per year. To add to its stellar performance, imagine if it can also reduce certain types of breast cancers. Such are the miracles of aspirin, a wonder drug, which […]