Collegians face obstacles to healthful lifestyles – Commercial Appeal

This week in the Commercial Appeal I talk about my lunch conversation with my daughter, who is a freshman in college. Hope you enjoy it:

Freshman year in college is life-changing, but more often lifestyle-determining.

For the first time in their lives, young adults, who were kids a few years earlier, have to make choices about the simple tasks of life — like when to wake up, how to do the laundry and what to eat.
A few weeks ago, I took my oldest daughter out for lunch a day before she was heading back to college. She had spent a relaxing week at home during her spring break.
Over Chinese food, I asked her what three things she was doing well at college as a freshman. She thought for a few moments with her gaze diverting to other customers and the waiter.
I did not want it to be an inquisition, but I wanted her to make an effort to reflect on the past months. So out of politeness and respect, or the fact that I was paying for her lunch and her tuition, she replied.

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