The Science of Reopening Memphis : VIDEO

Coronavirus testing will be an essential part of the new normal | Opinion – Tennessean.

In the new normal there will be three types of people: COVID infected, COVID immune and COVID susceptible, and two types of tests used to classify us all. Based on our COVID status a person may be in isolation, able to do certain front-line jobs or be wearing a mask in public.   All this […]

Privatized contact tracing will help America safely reopen amid coronavirus pandemic | Opinion – Tennessean.

After implementing social distancing through a lockdown, but before deploying a vaccine, the single best tool we have to contain the COVID-19 pandemic is contact tracing.  Countries that have been successful outliers in halting the virus’s spread, like South Korea, have deployed contact tracing early and extensively. If we want to wisely reopen our state (and our […]

COVID-19 Estimator

Is our preparation for the Coronavirus reasonable or irrational panic? – Commercial Appeal

With the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, spreading across the globe, we must stand on fact instead of panic. Often I wonder if we — and the stock markets — are overreacting to the Coronavirus, COVID-19, epidemic (not declared as a pandemic). Other infectious diseases like the flu and multi-drug-resistant organisms are present in our […]