I am Dr. Manoj Jain, and I am running for Shelby County Commissioner for District 13, which includes portions of Midtown and East Memphis stretching to Germantown.

I am a medical doctor and live with my family in East Memphis. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was 10 years old. I grew up in Boston, where I also attended medical school and the School of Public Health, and conducted my residency training.

My wife and I moved to Memphis 20 years ago because Memphis offered us an opportunity. My wife became the medical director at Baptist Rehabilitation Hospital, and I began my small business – a medical practice – servicing Baptist, Methodist, and St. Francis hospitals.

As we settled into Memphis with our three children, I began my work in public health and public service along with my small-business practice. I became the medical director at QSource, Medicare’s quality improvement organization, and collaborated with the National Civil Rights Museum on the Gandhi-King Conference for nonviolence.

I am also the founding member of the Healthy Memphis Common Table, a nonprofit collaborative of medical providers and other community volunteers seeking to improve healthcare outcomes for the Mid-South. And, for the past 10 years, I have been writing regular columns about healthcare for the Shelby Sun Times and The Commercial Appeal – as well as serving as a contributor to The Washington Post.

I care about this community, and I want to make an impact in Shelby County. We have many needs: economic growth, educational progress and quality health.

As a small-business owner, I know what is important for a business to grow. We need to create a stable environment and offer incentives to businesses.

As a parent and a volunteer tutor/mentor of area youth, I know firsthand that we need to provide innovative technology to help students and teachers inside and outside of the classroom, through the use of tools like online video tutorials that are endorsed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

My greatest contribution to the Commission and the public would be in the field of quality healthcare. In the Mid-South, particularly Shelby County, we have some of the highest infant mortality rates and childhood obesity rates in the state and the country. To solve these problems, we need to look upstream from the health delivery system. We need to review our policies and processes at the county level. We need to adopt proven, evidence-based policies and best-practice models that we know can work in our community.

Healthcare management and delivery are a significant part of our Shelby County budget, which includes The MED and Shelby County Health Department, yet there is no one with extensive experience in health care on the Commission. With my experience, background and social service, I wish to serve the people of Shelby County.

Experience and highlights:

• Small-business owner
• Medical doctor for 25 years
• Medical director of quality at QSource, Tennessee’s Quality Improvement Organization for Medicare Patients for 15 years
• Founding member of Healthy Memphis Common Table and part of its leadership team for past 10 years
• Founder and chairperson (for four years) of the Gandhi-King Conference in collaboration with NCRM
• Volunteer with Boys & Girls Club of America on Ross Road
• Founding member of Indian Community Fund, which donates funds to NCRM, Children’s Museum and MIFA
• Regular columnist for The Commercial Appeal with more than 100 articles covering health and health policy
• Contributor to the Shelby Sun Times and The Washington Post
• Teacher at Rhodes College’s Meeman Center for Lifelong Learning
• Advocate for improving our collective quality of life in the Mid-South

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