Giving Thanks for Health – Shelby Sun

On Thanksgiving Day we had a gathering of family and friends for a feast.

Before the meal we all prayed together and then one by one-  old and young -answered the question. “What are we thankful for?”

Nearly everyone said there were thankful for “our family, our food, our good fate…”

Some like me had long speeches, where my thanks were categorized into personal thanks, professional thanks, political thankfulness, and so on. There were brief and to the point thanks like the one from my 7 year old son, Rishab. “ I am thankful for everything.” and his friend who spoke after him was even briefer, “same as Rishab.”

My uncle in his early 60’s who had a heart by-pass surgery some years ago said something we had all overlooked. “I am thankful for my health – having gone through the whole year without any major health problems.”

He was right. Often we take our personal health and the healthcare system for granted- thought it is the most important part of our lives.