Mississippi health leaders recommend COVID-19 booster shots for high-risk groups – Fox13Memphis

JACKSON, Miss. — The new Delta variant is causing COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations to spike in Mississippi. This variant is particularly dangerous for people who are immunocompromised even if they are fully vaccinated. On Friday, the Mississippi Department of Health asked for people labeled as high risk to get a booster shot. Dr. Manoj Jain […]

Infectious disease specialist answers questions about coronavirus | ABC24

Dr. Manoj Jain answers questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic Infectious disease specialist Dr. Manoj Jain answers questions about coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Monday, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland issues a “safer at home” executive order. Here is that order: Safer at Home Executive Order: What You Need to Know To further combat the spread of COVID-19, […]

Coronavirus: How long will it go on? | WREG

How long will this last? That is the question people ask most frequently about the COVID-19 pandemic.  To answer this question, we need to understand the major factor which is fueling the pandemic.  It is people. People connecting to people allows the virus to jump from person to person doubling every 6 days.  We can starve […]

Infectious disease doctor says extreme level of social distancing is necessary to fight spread of COVID-19 | Fox13

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The City of Memphis’s Infectious Disease Doctor and Epidemiologist Dr. Manoj Jain said Mayor Jim Strickland’s decision to stop all non-essential business by Tuesday evening was the right call. Dr. Jain said it is what is needed right now to stop the future spread of COVID-19. He said the extreme practice of social […]

Experts say cancelled classes may keep the flu from spreading – WREG

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Oddly enough, these dangerous conditions actually have a silver lining. It turns out, this cold weather is helping fight the flu. Dr. Manoj Jain, an infectious disease consultant, says kids packed together in a classroom can be potentially dangerous this time of year. He says a simple cough from just a […]

Video : Pregnancy Flu and Autism – WREG

In Health News, a new study suggests moms who get sick with the flu, or fever, while pregnant may increase their risk of having a child with autism.  But some caution not to read too much into the results.  Infectious disease expert Dr. Manoj Jain explains.

Meningitis – WREG

Texas just became the 4th state to pass a law requiring the meningitis vaccine for college students who plan to live in dorms.  While it’s not a law here, we wondered if it really is important enough. That it should be.  Infectious disease expert, Dr. Manoj Jain, is here with advice for your college student. […]

White House advisors meet with Mid-South Asian American community -WMCTV

February 17, 2012 White House officials made a trip to Memphis Thursday to talk with the Asian American and Pacific islander community, one of the fastest growing communities in the Mid-South. view video

Video: Brain Infection – WREG

Interviewed on : August 18, 2011 Dr Manoj Jain is an Infectious Disease Specialist talking about the deadly brain infection that occurs after swimming in warm fresh water that killed a 9-year-old boy in Virginia and 16-year-old girl in Florida. view video

Video: Scarlet Fever | WREG

Interviewed on 29th June, 2011 Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Manoj Jain discussing if we should be worried about the Scarlet Fever outbreak that is happening now..  

Video : Do We Ration Healthcare

[youtube id=”JmOtTJzcbvE” mode=”normal” align=”center”] Click here for video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVi5Yd6536Y

Doctor Report Cards: Innovating Healthcare through Grading | MyFox Memphis | Fox 13 News

There are no A’s or F’s, but a new doctor ranking system is in place in the Bluff City and its creators are hoping it will improve healthcare. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation teamed up with Healthy Memphis Common Table to publish the results for everyone to see. This pilot program was brought to Memphis […]

Video : H1N1 Declaration Gives Hospitals Flexibility – CNN

President Obama’s declaration that the swine flu is a national emergency is supposed to give more flexibility for how the outbreak is handled. So what exactly does that mean? Fredricka Whitfield put that question to Dr. Manoj Jain, an infectious disease specialist in Memphis, Tennessee.