Quality improvement is a journey not a destination; it is a process not an outcome. Over the past decade the field of quality improvement has captured me and I have joined the Tennessee’s quality improvement organization, QSource and affliliated with Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Roadmap for Quality Improvement – A guide for doctors 

Roadmap for Quality Improvement - A guide for doctors

Though we were not taught quality improvement in medical school, it is of prime importance for all doctors. The well-being and the lives of the patients we care for everyday depends on quality improvement. Understanding this, the Annals of Internal Medicine has introduced a new section on “Improving Patient Care”, comprised of recent research articles on quality improvement.The quality improvement movement is affecting our practices in unprecedented ways. Our reputation, earnings, and credentialing are beginning to depend on quality improvement.So as physicians, we need to explore:

  • What is quality improvement?
  • Why should we work at quality improvement?
  • How is quality improvement measured and how can we tell if we’ve achieved the improvements we desire?
  • What tools do we need to improve care in our offices, hospitals, and clinics?

his booklet has been reviewed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) staff, and they have distributed the booklet in the tote bags to 6,000 participants who attended the 18th annual Quality Forum in December 2006 in Orlando, Florida.